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Comments taken from our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

I cannot begin to explain how wonderful Crossroads Care is.  Without it I would not have been able to venture out, but for a short trip for bread, milk etc.  At least once a week my husband and I can enjoy each others company going out and not having to think about my mother’s welfare.        I have total faith and trust in our CSW looking after her and they get on very, very well with each other.  Until my mother had to come to live with us, I had not heard of Crossroads.  I think it is a marvellous service and long may it continue.

The knowledge that I can plan to do specific tasks on a certain day is great help in keeping me fit, sane and able to continue my job of caring for my husband.  Our CSW quietly goes about doing whatever my husband needs ad he has become confident in her presence.  We are really grateful for the service offered.

May I say how much I appreciate my Thursday mornings when our carer is here.  Gives me a chance to meet up with friends, have a coffee and relax knowing that my husband is in good hands.  I always return refreshed from my morning out.   Crossroads provides a wonderful service.

To be able to lock myself away in my work room for a couple of hours and get on with my hobbies uninterrupted, knowing my wife is well cared for, is a real treat. Being introduced to Crossroads is the best thing that has happened in my life for sometime.

Our Carer Support Worker is a very helpful and most pleasant personality I can go shopping etc without having to worry that Jean will be ok whilst I am away.  Incidentally our CSW makes very good tea!!

Crossroads Care service is with out equal.  Very impressed by the attention to assessment of need and the matching of carer to client.  It is wonderful to be able to leave home knowing that for a specific period of time I need have no worries for the safety and care of my husband – I return a new woman!